Strändernas Svall

Strändernas Svall

  • Location:Cagliari
  • Venue:Fabrik
  • Length:10:00 pm

Strändernas Svall is a swedish/norwegian guitar and drum-duo that delivers massive, twisted and spastically danceable avantrock fueled with raw energy. They released their debut album in Januari 2014.

“Not only does Strändernas Svall push the guitar/drums- duo format to its maximal limit, it´s totally impossible to imaginate an additional musician. One more sound would threat to destroy the balance, and you should’nt mess with the forces of nature.” Tidningen kulturen

“This is emotional soundwaves that makes me wanna sit on a speeding train without destination, and wait for it to drive off a cliff with a smile on my face.”
Jazz Är Farligt fanzine

Strändernas Svall often perform with a third member who controls an arsenal of flashing lights. On this tour the band will perform as a duo and let the music speak for it self. The audience is gonna have to close their eyes and watch their own inner light-show (wich makes this Strändernas Svalls’s first Epileptic-Friendly-Tour).